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Photographs from 7th Sept 2019 at Stodmarsh National Nature Reserve. All images are © Copyright GadgetGaz_Photo please contact before any usage.

Saturday I was back at Grove Ferry end of Stodmarsh NNR for my usual few hours of photography, and the Female Kingfisher was showing well again. This time hovering fairly close before diving down into the lake for a fish, but no photo to be had this time with the fish though, as it left the water and flew behind the island in the middle of the lake to eat it. Later the Kingfisher chilled out in the tree for several minutes, so a photo to be had there.

A Little Egret flew down and sat next to the island looking for a few fish, tapping its feet and legs in the water repeatedly like it had a mad twitch, I guess trying to disturb and move fish in the lake before striking them with its beak at lightning speed.

All of a sudden two raptors appeared close to my left, I grabbed the camera and started to fire off some shots. I thought at first they were two Sparrowhawks flying together, but they were swooping at each other like in a fight, and after capturing them both in the camera, I could see one was a Sparrowhawk and the other a Kestrel, fighting over airspace and territory i'd assume, the sparrowhawk being the one that looked to dominate the kestrel and escorting it out of the no fly zone. The Sparrowhawk with thick bands on its tail and the Kestrel with thin striped bands on its tail as shown in the photos below. I'd usually be happy to photograph either on their own, so photographing both together even better and was something that does not happen too often, I also managed to get a great shot of the Sparrowhawk with wings open nicely gliding past me.

On the way home there was a Kestrel on a gate post in the middle of a field, it was having trouble with the local unfriendly neighbourhood. It was just chilling out on a gate post when the Jackdaw brothers turned up squawking at the kestrel. So the Kestrel moved to a different post on the other side of the gate, just to find the Magpies there were on the Jackdaws side, the Magpies continuously swooped and flew at the Kestrel making it flutter and jump in the air on top of the post, quite amusing lol, until the Kestrel decided to move on and find somewhere else to chill out.

Kingfisher hovering hunting before diving [ Alcedo atthis ] _ © Copyright GadgetGaz_Photo

Kingfisher about to dive [Alcedo atthis] _ © Copyright GadgetGaz_Photo

Kingfisher in a dive [Alcedo atthis] _ © Copyright GadgetGaz_Photo

Kingfisher chilling in a tree [Alcedo atthis] _ © Copyright GadgetGaz_Photo

A Little Egret looking for a few fish [Egretta garzetta] _ © Copyright GadgetGaz_Photo

Sparrowhawk above with thick bands on the tail, Kestrel below, swooping at each other. _ © Copyright GadgetGaz_Photo

Sparrowhawk (thick tail bands) escorting a Kestrel away _ © Copyright GadgetGaz_Photo

Sparrowhawk and the Kestrel leaving the area _ © Copyright GadgetGaz_Photo

Pleased to get a decent photo of the Sparrowhawk as it flew past me [Accipiter nisus] _ © Copyright GadgetGaz_Photo

The Jackdaw brothers making their presence known to the Kestrel in their territory © Copyright GadgetGaz_Photo

The Kestrel moved to the next gate post only to be harassed by the Magpies © Copyright GadgetGaz_Photo

© Copyright GadgetGaz_Photo

© Copyright GadgetGaz_Photo

© Copyright GadgetGaz_Photo

© Copyright GadgetGaz_Photo

© Copyright GadgetGaz_Photo

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