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Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Photographs from 6th Sept 2019 at Stodmarsh National Nature Reserve. All images are © Copyright GadgetGaz_Photo please contact before any usage.

Just a quick visit on Friday to Grove Ferry and the star of the day was a Female Kingfisher who landed on the famous stick as soon as I turned up, posing there looking over, but unfortunately I still had the lens in the camera bag and the camera in my hand without a lens on it, as I was just taking it out of my camera bag. Just my luck so no perched shots, and a panic to get the camera out and see if I could get a few photos before it would fly off.

Usually I walk with the camera assembled and always switched on, so that was a bit annoying that the kingfisher was there waiting lol, but I quickly attached the lens and while I was turning the camera on the Kingfisher was diving to grab itself a fish, it then hovered for a while as I quickly set my camera settings and then I managed to get a couple of shots of the Kingfisher as it flew away with its fish. It landed and devoured the fish, then chilled out on the edge of the lake for a good 15mins before peep peep peeping off.

Later in the afternoon a Teal flew around the lake, and I managed to pop a shot off as it flew past at speed with wings showing well, then a Mallard decided to join the flight squad and so the last shot of the afternoon was a photo of the Female mallard in flight just after taking off out of the water.

Kingfisher heading off with it's fish [ Alcedo atthis ] _ © Copyright GadgetGaz_Photo

Kingfisher heading off with it's fish [Alcedo atthis] _ © Copyright GadgetGaz_Photo

Kingfisher chilling on the edge of the lake [Alcedo atthis] _ © Copyright GadgetGaz_Photo

A Teal flying around the lake at speed [Anas crecca] _ © Copyright GadgetGaz_Photo

A Mallard taking off leaving the water [Anas platyrhynchos] _ © Copyright GadgetGaz_Photo

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