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Photography by Gareth James Foreman

Hi, welcome to my website about my photography. 

I'm Gaz from Whitstable, where I enjoy photographing predominately Nature and Wildlife from my local area of the South East Coast of Kent, England UK.

Nature and Wildlife has endless wonders and beauty, where I find its sounds and often silence in the winds or waves relaxing. 

Often peaceful but then at the same time, things can happen all of a sudden at a pace that is exciting to watch, and brings a rush of adrenaline to try and capture what is happening in front of me in a photograph. 

My photography is not necessarily about taking the perfect picture but capturing the mood or experience in what I see in the photographs, but of course I try to take the best photographs that I possibly can and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy taking the photos.


If you would like a piece of my photographic work hanging on your wall, or as a gift to someone else then please do visit my Prints page, my personal choice for my walls are framed prints with a white mount, giving a white space between the print and frames edge.

All the best,


- All images © GadgetGaz_Photo,
please do contact me for any usage or prints of my photos. -

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© All photos Copyright Gadgetgaz_Photo
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