Framed prints, canvases and more from a selection of my photography are available to purchase below from Photo4ME's Photographic Art Gallery, hand made and sold by Photo4ME where I earn a small commission, framed prints are produced with their handmade frames, although shown below in black frames, after pressing the buy now links below they open with my preferred frame colour to complement the photograph, but other colour frames are available for you to customise, also available on canvas and other media.

Photo4Me produce showroom quality Photographic Gallery Art with exceptional finishing that will enhance your living space, so that you can enjoy luxury gallery art on your wall at an affordable price. Printed on Epson paper the image is encased in a framework that is 30mm wide and 13mm deep.
Photo4me make "Polcore Frames" which are made from 100% high quality recycled material, with a wooden finish.

If you would like a print of a photo seen on my social media that is not listed below, please request it using my contact page, and then I will add the photo to be available below.


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94 Sand Martin.jpg
93 House Martin.jpg
92 Nuthatch.jpg
91 blue tit.jpg
90 Coal tit.jpg
88 Great tit Autumn woods.jpg
89 Comet Neowise.jpg
87 Mute swan flying over reeds.jpg
86 Kestrel Reculver Towers window.jpg
84 little egret at sunset.jpg
85 short eared owl.jpg
83 short eared owl fields.jpg
82 short eared owl hunting.jpg
81 short eared owl.jpg
80 Kingfisher portrait.jpg
79 Little Egret.jpg
78 Swan over the marshes.jpg
77 Kingfisher female.jpg
76 Kestrel on the lookout.jpg
75 Kestrel tree stump.jpg
74 Little Egret Autumn.jpg
73 Kestrel female.jpg
72 Ringed Plover Dunlin.jpg
71 Little egret in fields.jpg
69 White Horse through the creamy fields
68 A Swift in flight.jpg
67 Swan at the marshes.jpg
66 Swallow in flight.jpg
65 A starling eating a dandelion.jpg
64 Sedge Warbler.jpg
63 Beautiful Robin redbreast.jpg
62 An Oystercatcher on the surf..jpg
61 A mute Swan bathing at sunrise.jpg
60 Mute swan on the lake.jpg
59 Our moon.jpg
58 Mist on the marshes.jpg
56 Juvenile Kestrels in the cliffs.jpg
57 Magpie & Belted Galloway Cow.jpg
55 Kestrel looking down at you.jpg
54 Juvenile Kestrel flight.jpg
53 House sparrow hunting, wings spread.j
52 Hobby in flight.jpg
51 Great crested grebe with her fish.jpg
50 Great crested grebe and juvenile fish
48 A fox cub in the fields.jpg
49 Great crested grebe adult and young.j
47 A Great crested grebbe chick and adul
46 Juvenile Hobby.jpg
45 Female Stonechat.jpg
44 A Cormorant drying its wings.jpg
43 A Common Tern.jpg
42 Common Blue Butterfly.jpg
40 Purple sandpiper with crashing waves.
41 Common Tern.jpg
39 Black Redstart female.jpg
38 Nuthatch portrait 2.jpg
37 Nuthatch portrait.jpg
36 Blue tit on pink apple blossom.jpg
35 Kestrel on the Cliff.jpg
34 Juvenile Marsh Harrier.jpg
32 Female Kentish Kingfisher.jpg
33 Swallow in flight.jpg
31 Beautiful female Kingfisher.jpg
30 Female Kingfisher.jpg
28 Heron flying in an Autumnal Kentish C
29 Queenfisher a Female Kingfisher, Alce
27 Kingfisher Landing with a fish.jpg
26 Marsh Harrier Juvenile in flight.jpg
25 Marsh Harrier Juvenile dropping into
24 Marsh Harrier Juvenile at Stodmarsh i
23 Great White Egret.jpg
22 Tiger Face fractalius wall art.jpg
20 Kingfisher Hovering in the rain.jpg
21 Sunrise from beneath the marshes.jpg
19 Female Kingfisher with her catch.jpg
18 Brutus the Lion Portrait.jpg
17 European Wolf looking behind.jpg
16 Clarence the Lion side profile.jpg
15 The Kent Spitfire, IXe TA805 in a sun
14 North Chinese Leopard profile.jpg
12 North Chinese Leopard and sun setting
13 Cheetah Cubs fixated stare.jpg
11 The RAF Red Arrows Jets Crossing.jpg
10 The RAF Red Arrows creating a %22Work
08 RAF Red Arrows flying through the smo
09 Icicles through the Beach Huts on a W
07 Eurofighter Typhoon afterburner heat
06 Barn Owl looks as it is flying during
05 Wild Barn Owl flying in the Countrysi
04 Barn Owl in the Wild hunting.jpg
03 Barn Owl hovers as it is hunting in t
01 North Chinese Leopard 01.jpg
02 Heron in Flight.jpg